The mountains and valleys that surround Lake Como are some of the most beautiful locations of the Pre-Alps, with breathtaking scenery. Taking a walk on the paths and mule tracks you will experience the uniqueness of its rolling hills of its impassable cliffs and enjoy the freshness of the thick forests.

The higher peaks, such as Monte Legnone which reaches 2,609 metres, the Dolomite Grigne and the unmistakeable outline of Resegone, are located on the eastern side of the lake. These locations are suitable for those who summer hiking or winter sports, offering sports facilities to suit all occasions.
The summits of San Primo, Corni di Canzo, Monte Bregagno and Pizzo Gino are also perfect destinations for outdoor excursions and ideal for those who enjoy close contact with the natural world.

The valleys such as the Valsassina, Valvarrone, Valle San Martino and Val d’Esino, Val d’Intelvi, Val Menaggio, Val Cavargna, Valsolda and the valleys of the Upper Western Lario are all rich in history with age-old traditions that continue to this day. Here you will find small towns and quaint villages that time seems almost to have forgotten.

The Province of Como, with its enchanting lake set in its mountains, is a unique and awe-inspiring place whose diverse yet harmonious landscape leaves an indelible mark on the memory.