The culinary traditions of the Province of Como differ according to whether you are near the lake, in the mountains or in Brianza and the flatlands.

The jewel in the crown of lake cuisine is, of course, fish. Typical dishes include the delicious risotto with perch fillets and “missultit” or “missoltini” and dishes made with sun-dried shad pressed with salt in “missolte” wooden barrels, often served with polenta. Dishes such as marinated fish or fried bleak are still testimony today to a tradition dating back to ancient times.

From the banks of the lake come quality vegetables and olives of Zoca de l’oli and Conca dell’olio, with which a delicate Protected Designation of Origin oil is produced.

In the highlands of the mountains and down in the valleys there is a rustic culinary tradition that includes much use of polenta cooked in various ways, with the lies of polenta taragna and polenta vuncia with butter, cheese and garlic.