Spreading out to the south of the Como Triangle and its small glacial lakes of Pusiano, Montorfano, Alserio, Segrino and Annone is the area of Brianza with its gently rolling hills and slopes covered both by cultivated fields and woodland, opening out then into the plain.

Until the second post-war period, the green lands of Brianza consisted of a rural landscape that was home to small villages with their churches and tall bell-towers, vegetable gardens, fields of mulberry trees for silk production and stately manor houses with vast gardens.

Industrial development has completely transformed this area which is now crossed by a dense network of roads linking factories, barns and workshops, which have made this place famous in Italy and all around the world for its small and medium-sized industry.

Despite all these changes Brianza’s population has preserved valuable traces of the past, such as the early mediaeval complex of Cantù and the villas of Erba and Inverigo, buildings that have seen the unfolding of important historical events.