In a yacht or other boat on the crystal clear waters of the lake that reflects the greenery of the surrounding mountains and the colours of flowering gardens is an ideal way of admiring the countless unrivalled views of the landscape that Lake Como presents to its visitors.
Of glacial origin, the lake has an unusual upturned Y-shape formed by the advancing ice of the Adda River which, forking at Bellagio, created its Como and its Lecco branches.
The third largest after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore, Lake Como or “Lario” as it is known locally, is Italy’s deepest lake, plumbing depths of 425 m between Nesso and Argegno.
The rivers Adda and Mera are its main tributaries, though there are numerous streams and water courses that flow into the lake, some of which have created fast-flowing craggy canyons and waterfalls known as “orridi”, such as those of Nesso and Bellano.
Steeped in history and full of a charm all its own is Comacina Island, the only island on the lake. It has always attracted and enchanted tourists and artists offering, as it does, unique views of unforgettable thriving scenery.

South of Lake Como there are the parks and natural reserves of the so-called Larian Triangle, and area punctuated by five lakes set in the lush surroundings of rolling hills. The lakes of Pusiano, Montorfano, Alserio, Segrino and Annone are ideal locations for lovers of outdoor walks or fishing or are just perfect spots for picnics with friends on their small beaches.